About the Author

With over a decade plus in the pageant industry as a local, state and national titleholder, Cady Ruth has extraordinary experience thanks to pageantry in equipping individuals with skills to excel beyond the crown.

 As the 2020-2021 National American Miss, Cady Ruth saw the impact a simple word of advice can make in a girl's life. She didn't want to stop helping others develop confidence, which is how The Crowning Planner was born.

A college graduate of Susquehanna University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications and a double minor in Psychology and Leadership, Cady Ruth knows communication is a mental, verbal and exploratory skill.

As an entrepreneur, founder of a non-profit, and certified Social Media professional, Cady has the heart and passion to make a difference in the lives of others.

So excited to see how you rock your goals and reach your goals with #TheCrowningPlanner.

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